ABC13 Tenants’ Rights: A woman goes months without hot water in The Pointe apartments in Pasadena

Pasadena, Texas (KTRK) – Rodents, sewage and months without hot water are what one female tenant says she has been dealing with at her Pasadena apartment complex.

After submitting multiple repair requests, Kimberly Esquivel says the issues remained. That’s when I reached out to ABC13 for help.

“Last winter, I didn’t have any hot water, and this winter, again, I don’t have any. But the sewage has always been there,” Esquivel explained.

Esquivel says the lack of hot water has been an ongoing problem where she lives at The Pointe Apartments in Pasadena. This time, she says it was right before Thanksgiving when there was no hot water coming out of her faucets.

“I have yet to have hot water to wash my body nor my dishes. Again, I ask you to fix it immediately because I believe this condition is a threat to my safety,” said Esquivel.

She says she made multiple requests to fix this, including two hand-delivered letters, but kept evading management.

They said, ‘Well, wait for the manager to be here, come tomorrow. Well, I’m tired of going to-morrow. “Oh, we need to order a part; It’ll take a week.” Well, that’s what you said to me last time. How often are you going to buy a part?” Esquivel explained.

Hot water is a huge nuisance, but they also deal with rats, and you can see raw sewage in several places around the complex.

“In some places, there’s dried up toilet paper, and it’s dried up to where it doesn’t come out anymore,” Esquivel said.

The Pointe is owned by Excel Property Management. They also own the Creekside Apartments in Dickinson. We told you about the problems there in December. The residents of this complex also went for several months without hot water before the city issued an eviction order due to the unsafe conditions.

Within hours of ABC13 contacting The Pointe’s owner, some repairs had been made, and Esquivel was able to take her first hot shower in her apartment in months.

However, not all repairs were made. She still needs hot water in her kitchen or bathroom sink.

In regards to raw sewage throughout, the owner of the complex told ABC13 that they are in the process of doing some major plumbing repairs that will solve this problem.

If you are a renter and have a concern you would like us to look into, head to and fill out the form with as much detail as possible. You can also call the Tenants Rights Line at 713-663-4548.

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