Royal Crackers talks wildest scenes season 2 and more

Royal Crackers It’s already been announced that a second season is now in production with Adult Swim, and the cast behind the series is sure to be exciting for a first season to hit Adult Swim and HBO Max this spring! This weekend, Adult Swim is premiering its newest animated original show, and it really does stand out in some big ways from many of the other new shows we’ve seen in action. Not only Royal Crackers A full half hour comedy, but the cast of characters have a lot of love for each other buried under all the jokes they make at each other.

Royal Crackers It will premiere with Adult Swim on Sunday, April 2nd, and recently got a chance to talk to the three central cast members filling out the Hornsby estate as they preview a whole new experience. Succession. Talking about taping season one during the pandemic, Jessica St. Clair (the voice behind Depp), David Ghobory (the voice behind Darby), and Mile Flanagan (the voice behind Matt) recorded some of their characters’ wildest moments, and joining Adult Swim. lined up, and more.

Read on for our full interview with the Royal Crackers central team below, and tell us what you’re looking forward to seeing more in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!

Who should run Royal Crackers?

NICK VALDEZ, COMICBOOK.COM: So I just wanted to walk around the room real quick, If you only had the option of Theo or Stebe taking over Royal Crackers, who would you choose?

Miley Flanagan (voice not shiny): steppy.

Jessica Claire Street (voice of Depp): You know, it’s very funny. I’m married to Steve, but I think Theo has real maverick characteristics to him. I mean, this company needs a lot of help. I think he’ll probably have to take some Elon Musk twists. I need to betray my husband like this, but I’m going with Theo.

This, this is real Succession He speaks. One of the things that was really jumping around Royal Crackers The fact that it was kind of funny was that Succession. So how did it feel to take such a serious story in this new kind of way?

street. CLAIR: he is very funny. I never thought of that comparison until now. she’s perfect. Except instead of us being these good-looking people, we’re horrible-looking, horrible-behaving people who wouldn’t even be invited to a movie premiere. Succession. They will find a way to dig underground to get there. So yeah, it’s very interesting. I love the fact that this family, oddly enough, seems like a very weird one. I don’t think anyone else would accept them. So they’re really stuck with each other, but they seem to enjoy each other’s company, even though they call each other all the time.

David Ghabouri (voice of Darby): Yes. I have a feeling they love themselves a little more than they love each other a little more than SuccessionDignitaries? I think they have healthy competition. I don’t think it’s nearly as cruel as it is Succession.

street. CLAIR: They are not smart enough to screw each other up.

Flanagan: Yes. I think that’s the crux of the matter. They are at the most basic level. It’s like intelligence stops. They kept growing, but they didn’t keep learning at all.

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Taking proprietary crackers during a pandemic

(photo: Adult Swim)

I was talking to [Royal Crackers series creator Jason Ruiz and executive producer Seth Cohen] previously, and one of the things Jason points out is that Season 1 was largely produced during the height of the pandemic. I wanted to get your perspective on this as artists performing a project during a time when even getting into a studio was difficult.

Ghoboori: I mean, talk about being grateful for work then, right? It’s really amazing that you have something to do throughout it. This is my first big animation role. I’m used to doing a voiceover where I did it on my own anyway, so it wasn’t too different for me. Jason made it really easy as far as helping us out. We were recording ourselves, but it didn’t feel lonely or difficult or like you can’t bounce ideas off or anything like that. He made a really fun environment to do that. Even during a pandemic.

Flanagan: Yes, there was an element that wasn’t quite as political as some of the other recording sessions. She was loose, funny, and collaborative. Like we’ve said many times, all of the jokes were really in there, but sometimes it could be funny because he was adjusting himself while recording, which was great to see a little bit about how his mind works. It’s like, “Yeah, I think you’re going to say no five times in a row, so give me five nos in a different way. No, no, no, no, no.”

street. CLAIR: He’s also a sweet, gentle, gentle guy and will have his little Chihuahua on his lap every so often during recording sessions. But how this guy comes up with these crazy things is pretty disturbing. It’s like, where’s that hidden part of him that comes with this stuff? This is really cool.

Flanagan: There is also a dictionary’s worth of trivia and references. It would be like, “Have you ever heard of this band?” And I was like, not really. He can name 20 bands like in the show, 20 heavy metal bands off the top of his head.

Ghoboori: A lot of bands I haven’t heard anyone talk about since high school, sure.

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Royal Crackers’ wild character moments

(photo: Adult Swim)

David, I want to ask you, one of the things that really made me laugh that first episode was my self-wiping moment where Darby was like, “Oh yeah, I needed something to read[in the toilet” so I was curious about how he brought that wild side of Darby to life, but it’s our first real impression of Darby in general[onthetoilet]So I wascurious about how youbrought that wildaspect of Darby to life but it’s all of Darby’s first realimpression[فيالمرحاض”لذلككنتأشعربالفضولحولكيفيةجلبهذاالجانبالوحشيلداربيإلىالحياة،لكنهانطباعناالحقيقيالأولعنداربيبشكلعام[onthetoilet”SoIwascuriousabouthowyoubroughtthatwildaspectofDarbytolifebutit’sourfirstrealimpressionofDarbyoverall

Ghoboori: It was exciting because Jason really let me run with him. I read it, and I had a way of doing it in my head. I think we recorded in order, so I think this was my first or second session with him. He just gave me the free domain. He’d say, “Go crazy, scream, goof off. Just act like you’re about to take your clothes off,” and I thought it turned out really well. But I remember coming home afterward and saying, “Oh my God, if that doesn’t work out, that’s going to be the weirdest scene. If it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to, it’s going to be pretty weird.”

street. CLAIR: He almost looks like you. I felt like I passed out in most of these recordings and they would last three hours. I would come out like, “What did you do? What did you say?” And a lot of it was fight scenes with yourself, which is absolutely amazing. I just had to close my eyes. I’m like, “I’m getting offended while I’m doing this.” But then it ends up being funnier when you see it.

Jessica, I was going to pop the question about that because you have that moment as Deb with CBD gummies, and it becomes this real explosive thing.

street. CLAIR: I imagined what my parents would be like if they took, my mom still refers to marijuana as a drug. It’s like, “You have to be careful with steroids.” I’m like, “Mom, what are you talking about?” And I have a friend whose mom, by accident, ate 10 little brownies and had to go to the hospital because she was losing her mind and falling to the ground like a dog. I basically tried to channel my dad weirdly, which was nice to me because Jason was in most of the scenes, so I got to actually act with him. That was nice.

On the exact opposite end of that spectrum, Miley, your Matt does a lot with very little sweet talk but every one of those lines is capable of reaching. So I just want to know what can make me sure to do more with very little?

Flanagan: This is the first time in a cartoon that I’ve done so much with so little time in front of the camera. You come in with the line, then you exit the scene, and then you come back in another line. But it was fun being slow and easy. It was interesting to listen, observe, and then think about how this child reacted to this situation. What’s really funny is that I love hearing everyone’s voices because there must be hours and hours, right?

Ghobouri: Yes.

Flanagan: Some of these I could hear Jason say, “What are we using for?” And I felt really bad for whoever was taking the numbers that day because he’d be like, “I don’t know what the matter is, I don’t know what the number is.” right?

Ghoboori: Yes. All the time. All the time.

Flanagan: So for me, for Matt, I had so much more to say than any of the other characters that it was kind of a joy. I was like, this is a piece of cake. But when it explodes, it explodes, and you haven’t seen it yet. Taste it in the future. Something to look forward to.

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Royal Crackers Season 2: What’s next?

(photo: Adult Swim)

Speaking of the future, Royal Crackers It has been confirmed that a second season is in production. I don’t know how much you can tell all about your involvement, but what do you hope to explore with season two?

Ghoboori: More chaos. Let’s pay it.

street. CLAIR: Where is there to go? That’s the thing. We’ve been recording season two, and I can tell you it’s gotten even crazier. really is. You need to experience this show to understand what it is, but it has to be on Adult Swim. I think it’s funny that it’s on HBO Max because someone like my dad can find it and be like, “What?” It’s like you’re taking acid when you’re watching this show in a good way.

Ghoboori: That’s exactly what I said. or mushrooms.

street. CLAIR: or mushrooms. Yes, more like a mushroom trip. Very fun, but also crazy. You just have to go with it.

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What adult swim enthusiasts should be looking for

As a final question, what do you hope Adult Swim fans who were introduced to this show will take away? How do you think it might stand out from everything else Adult Swim has?

Flanagan: I don’t think there is any way it can’t stand out. Only a few that I’ve seen really stand out.

Ghoboori: For me as an actor, and I watch animation, I don’t watch every animation, but I watch enough of it, or I’ve been exposed to enough of it, that’s not something people have ever seen. It’s shocking. It is irreverent. It’s strangely modern but it’s kind of a throwback, and it’s got all these amazing weird references, and then the stuff that the animators throw in the background. I was talking about the magazines in the office. It’s just little things here and there. there are things.

street. CLAIR: We keep saying, you can watch these episodes over and over again because they are full of really good jokes that you miss some on the way. So this is really exciting. I really imagine this became a cult favorite because it’s nice to see when you’re kind of feeling like everything is being toned down. This is Adult Swim Swim, and I would say that’s exactly what Adult Swim is for, and now everyone has access to it. So it’s exciting.

Ghoboori: Yes, it’s its own in that it’s current and it’s a different structure. But it definitely reminds me of a show I just grew up smoking weed with my friends watching Adult Swim. It’s very interesting. So yeah, I’m excited.

Yeah, so you’re probably loading up on CBD gummies, right?

Ghobouri: Yes, download, download.

street. CLAIR: Carry, but don’t take more than two because you’ll lose your mind.

Royal Crackers premieres on Adult Swim Sunday, April 2nd at 11:00 PM EST, and will air on HBO Max the following day. Royal Crackers Season 2 is now in production.

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