Starfield Xbox console may be leaking online

usually starfield The Xbox controller may have leaked online. starfield It is one of the most anticipated games to be released this year. It’s been a very long way to get here with Bethesda announcing it back in 2018. Bethesda is one of the biggest developers out there and has been responsible for games like Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, etc. The bar has been raised as well that this is the big Xbox exclusive of 2023 and it’s going to have to be the thing that really justifies Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in the developer.

With that said, Xbox seems to be pulling out all the stops for it starfield. In a little over a week, we’ll havestarfield Direct” which is a full post-Xbox Game Show event that’s just for a deep dive into Bethesda’s brand-new RPG. While we can probably expect a bunch of gameplay, behind-the-scenes info and looks courtesy of the developers, there seems to be a possibility they might also announce things. Others New starfield The controller has leaked online and has a bright white color scheme with a simple rainbow-like design around the Xbox button. There also seem to be renderings and writings on the console, but it’s hard to tell what they’re saying. As of now, it’s worth saying that this could be an easy fake. Fans should take it with a grain of salt until it’s officially confirmed, but if it’s real, it looks pretty neat.

Starfield Xbox controller in the wild
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It is not clear when this will happen starfield The console will be released if it’s free, but if people actually get their hands on it, there’s a chance they could release the console within the next few weeks. Only time will tell what the price of the console will be as well, but hopefully it won’t be too exorbitant for those who want the new console.

What do you think of this supposed leak? starfield observer? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on @Cade_Onder Twitter.

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