Controversial Oscar Movie Showing on Netflix Top 10

A new month means a new crop of movies that will dominate the Netflix top 10 lists. This usually takes the form of a decade-old comedy or action movie, or an animated movie that has made Netflix its new home. Both of those things are true of the current Netflix top 10, but there’s another surprising movie lurking on that list, and it’s last year’s beloved indie flick. to Leslie. Film fans who haven’t seen the film, which stars Andrea Riseborough, will know it better than the rift it caused at this year’s Academy Awards, a film that many wondered if its only nomination would be revoked for breaking rules.

Despite having a very small release, and making a few thousand dollars at the box office, to Leslie, And Riseborough’s performance in particular, instantly made an internet buzz as the season of “For Your Consideration” really kicked off. Film fans were quick to note the sudden outpouring of praise for the film from other actors and celebrities, many of whom used the same verbosity in describing the film, almost as well. every one of them He called it “a little movie with a giant’s heart” before saying Riseborough gave his “performance of the year” and that the rest of the cast was “amazing”.

Campaigning for an Oscar is nothing new in Hollywood, but this level of pressure wasn’t too blatant. In addition to these tweets, there are actual social media posts to Leslie The account has been checked. After Riseborough received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that it would conduct a review of possible rule violations, which some suspected occurred. While the possibility that Riseborough’s nomination would be withdrawn seems possible, it would only happen if the Academy determined that it had itself participated in the illegitimate campaign. Eventually the Academy will confirm that Riseborough’s nomination will remain after the conclusion of their investigation.

in to Leslie, Andrea Riseborough as the titular character, flanked by Allison Janney as Nancy, Marc Maron as Sweeney, Andre Royo as Royal, and Stephen Root as Dutchman. A distressed mother from West Texas returns to her hometown penniless and desperate for a second chance.

You can see what the rest of the Netflix Top 10 movies look like below.

#10 – A guy named Otto

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the previousthe next

#3 – Missing

Storm Reed
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#1 – Boss Baby

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