The Leviathan Launch Box begins pre-ordering today

Warhammer 40K Fans will be able to pre-order the new Leviathan launch box starting today later. Games Workshop Pre-orders begin for Warhammer 40K’s Leviathan square. The pre-order version of the collection is rolling out worldwide, with US sales officially starting at 10 AM PST in the US. The complete Leviathan launch box will cost $240 and will be officially released on June 24th. You can purchase the set from the Games Workshop websitethough US customers won’t actually be able to purchase the set until 10 a.m. PT.

The Leviathan chest will contain 72 miniatures, divided between the Space Marine and Tyranid forces. All 72 miniatures are brand new 40k hammer Although veterans will no doubt recognize some familiar units being given entirely new sculptures. The deck is also included in the Leviathan Core Rulebook (which contains the new 10th Edition rules along with the new Crusade expansion) and a playable quest card deck. The only other thing you’ll need to play Warhammer 40K It is a set of 6 sided dice, which is not included in the box.

Leviathan is ushering in a new version of 40k hammer which are designed to help simplify the game without sacrificing too much of its complexity. The number of stages per round was shortened, and the number of special bases for each army was shortened to accommodate the double-page spread. The tenth edition will also introduce a new format for Combat Patrol, which focuses on pre-made squads that you fight in short, intense combat that takes far less time to play than a full game.

Keep in mind that Leviathan, like other boxed Warhammer 40K sets, comes with unassembled and unpainted miniatures. You will need to build and paint each miniature, which can be a bit intimidating for newcomers. Games Workshop switched to a push-fit system a few years ago, which means players won’t have to worry about gluing miniatures together.

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