Godzilla vs. Kong Star mentions that the movie was completely changed before its release

Godzilla vs. Kong It was not only the last movie in the successful series MonsterVerse from Legendary PIctures, but also the most successful as the King of Monsters tried to protect his crown from the ruler of Skull Island. While the movie was a financial success, it appears that one of the stars recently shared some important news regarding how the film was changing ahead of release, changing characters and story significantly before the crossover hit hit theaters and HBO Max last year.

If you need a personal update on Elisa Gonzalez in Clash of the Titans, Godzilla vs. Kong The actress appeared as Maia Simmons, the main villain in the picture who was a top in the company known as Apex Cybernetics. The Apex in the movie was responsible for using one of the skulls of King Ghidorah to create a new mechanical Kaiju, Mechagodzilla, which appears suddenly at the end of the movie. Fortunately for the giant monsters and the world at large, Kong and Godzilla were able to team up to defeat the mechanical doppelganger with Gonzalez’s character killed by the giant ape in the process.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter,Gonzalez, drop the surprise synopsis Godzilla vs. Kong It is clear that he changed not only the roles of the characters in the film, but also the story itself in order to “serve” two big kijus:

“My role completely changed in this movie, for sure. A lot of the story was cut out and the story completely changed, so the bummer was because my character had a completely different story that went down different paths and Jessica [Henwick] Being laid off from the movie really affected all the other characters. But it had nothing to do with Jessica’s character. It was just that the story changed because the movie is called Godzilla vs. Kong It is clear that he must serve them. They are the big stars. But listen, I’m thankful I did a really fun movie. So my experience was really good, but that’s par for the course, sometimes.”

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