Laura Donnelly mentioned that she played Elsa Bloodstone in the Disney+ project

werewolf at night Star Laura Donnelly is said to be playing Elsa Bloodstone in the upcoming Disney+ project. Now, when she has been cast, speculation surrounding the role has focused on the possibility of it being Nina Price, the vampire of the night in the comics. comic circus Reporting that Bloodstone Elsa is getting a nod here. The presence of the bloodstone might indicate that the Sons of Midnight was forming faster than some fans had hoped. The list of mystery/horror characters is loaded into the MCU. Marvel Studios’ big debut in Blade is on the horizon, moon knight Already throwing jackals on Disney+’s rooftops, Dr. Strang is about to release the full Madness of the Multiverse in less than a month. All chess pieces are coming on the board. The presence of Werewolf by Night alone energized fans, but things went uphill in the months since the Halloween Special was reported.

Adding to the plot is the fact that eleventh station Star Gael Garcia Bernal has been confirmed for the title role. Batman Composer Michael Giacchino is also on the Director’s Special. So, speculation is through the roof of this project. MCU has become a vast network of many different tones and textures such as moon knight His toes dipped in complete horror this week. The multiverse of madness It’s also rumored to be going down a much more intimidating route than most of the company’s offerings. Daredevil is back in the fold and waiting to debut the costume. But, not everything is gloomy with humorous tones Mrs. Marvell and she / Hulk Let’s look forward to it. Thor: Love and Thunder It seems to follow Ragnarokhis path as well.

Fans knew something was afoot after the Halloween special became public. Kevin Smith said last year that he has plans for Werewolf by Night in his animation Howard the duck turns out. However, it became clear that it wasn’t meant to be.

Smith said during his participation in Fatman Beyond Podcasts over the summer. “The idea of ​​our story was that Howard was trapped here and was trying to get pages out of Darkhold, which would allow him to come back. There Howard and I lay it out and then I went to Jeph and told him what I wanted to do, and that’s when they said ‘You can’t use a Werewolf at night’ and I asked why. They said the film department is using it.”

Are you surprised by the possibility of a bloodstone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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