It looks like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 actor is introducing a new development update

He seems to be one of the most prominent actors involved in it Spider-Man from Marvel 2 Gave us a new update on the development status of the game. Insomniac Games confirmed last year that PlayStation 5 is a sequel to Spider-Man from Marvel It’s officially in the works, but he didn’t say much about the project outside of revealing the 2023 launch window. And while it might take a bit until we see more of what the title will have in store, it looks like now we know how work is progressing in the game.

In a brief tweet shared by Tony Todd this morning, she mocked it Spider-Man from Marvel 2 It still appears to be in the process of finalizing motion capture (or mocap). Todd, who portrays Venom in Spider Man Sequel, he said he was up early today so he could attend the mocap session. Didn’t specifically note that this mocap would be for Spider-Man from Marvel 2But a number of fans have concluded that’s what he was referring to.

suppose that Spider-Man from Marvel 2 The mocap is still working, that would make sense, especially with the game’s release window 2023. The mocap business tends to finish roughly a year or so before any game releases. With that in mind, Todd’s tweet today might tell us that a version of spider man 2 It won’t happen in the first part of next year probably shouldn’t be expected.

It’s obviously worth emphasizing that we don’t know if this new tweet from Todd really refers to his work Spider-Man from Marvel 2 Because he didn’t explicitly say that this is the project he is implementing mocap for. However, based on what we know about what Todd is currently working on, this tweet is likely related to him. spider man 2. Regardless, take this with your regular grain of salt for now.

As mentioned, Spider-Man from Marvel 2 It’s set to come to PS5 when it hits store shelves in 2023.


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