Will Barb appear in season 4?

Weird things Fans have had to say goodbye to a number of characters over the years, though one of the fan fatalities that still afflicts the most is Barb (Shannon Purser) in season one. As if any character’s death wasn’t sad enough, it was Barb’s friendship with Nancy that ultimately cost Barb her life, sparking numerous “Justice for Barb” campaigns on social media, leading to later seasons finding ways to pay respect. for personality. With all the years that have passed, fans are still looking for ways in which the series can honor the character, including the final fourth season – volume one, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: spoilers below for Season 4 – Volume 1 of Stranger Things

Although Barb dies permanently in the series, flashbacks and tributes to the character allow her to resurface after her transfer to the Upside Down game. In the fourth season, Barb appears, although it is arguably the most shocking thing for her so far.

In Season 4 Episode 7, Vecna ​​reveals to Nancy (Natalia Dyer) that several victims have been moved from Hawkins, Indiana to the Upside Down as part of a much larger plan. During this exchange, we get a glimpse of Barb’s body, which has been rotting in the Upside Down for years.

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Due to the character’s strange appearance, it is not known if Purser was ever involved in the appearance or if her shape was made with prosthetics. Fans will surely be disappointed that we didn’t get any actual scenes for the beloved version of Barb, but it does add some depth to the overall series by connecting the latest episodes with some early deaths from back in season one.

This season, three characters have all been killed by Vecna, all of whom have experienced various traumas in their lives. In addition, Max (Sadi Sink) is targeted by the creature, apparently due to the trauma she experienced while adjusting to her brother’s death. This ends up going back to the events of Season 1 and the capture of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), a seemingly random target who now looks as if he could have been caught due to an undisclosed trauma that he may have been dealing with just yet to be revealed. fully.

Weird things Season 4 – Volume 1 is now streaming, with Volume 2 premiering on July 1st.

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