The boys season 3 put their own spin on Marvel “Thanus Theory” and it’s disgusting

Spoilers for the first three episodes of The Boys Season 3! Within ten minutes of the third season premiere boys In season three, something you’ve probably never seen happened before. A new Sup, an ant-man-like character named Termite with shrinking powers, prepares to delight his partner by shrinking and…getting into his penis. While inside, the termite’s drug abuse overcomes him and he is forced to sneeze, as a result of which he returns to his normal size and blows his partner to pieces with guts and entrails flying around him. For some Marvel fans, this may seem like a test of what many were eager to see before.

Between the time Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were released, a theory began to outpace Marvel fandom base: to defeat Thanos, why wouldn’t Ant-Man climb his butt and grow up again? She became known as “Thanos”, and many people on House of Ideas have commented on her. Currently boys It gave us a version of what would happen if something like this happened, and as expected, it’s gross and bloody. Unfortunately, Marvel Studios never allowed this to happen, even within the confines of the Alternate Universe series What if…?so shout out to boys to cross this line.

Can’t believe it? boys Creator Eric Kripke confirmed in a new interview that using an Ant-Man-like character for a scene like this was literally their first idea. To make things even more brutal, The Boys actually built a giant termite rod for practically climbing into.

“Once you realize you’re going to play the little Ant-Man, you have to make this Ant-Man run up someone’s butt and then blow it up,” Kripke said. EW. But then we realized we had recently blown someone up (Back in season one). There are only so many openings that anyone can enter. So really, by the removal process, you [have to] It hits the urethra.”

“I stayed away from this group. I didn’t feel like this was something I needed to see,” series star Karl Urban told outlets about the giant penis set. “After working on the show for two seasons in season three, you’ll start to build a certain kind of sensitivity to some of the more established content.”

boys Season 3 is now streaming its first three episodes on Amazon Prime Video.


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