Resident Evil 4’s new edition may contain connections to Resident Evil

.’s first trailer Resident Evil 4 remake It provided some long-awaited looks at updated versions of characters like Leon and Ashley as well as different scenes from the game, but it may also have left some clues to players as to how this version’s story is different from the original. After examining those clues and looking at how to do it Resident Evil 4 A new edition will follow Resident Evil Village released last year, some are convinced that the two games may be related to each other.

In the Resident Evil subtitle, fans try to piece these clues together to decipher – if any – the two games will be connected. One of the first discoveries focused on a summit seen streaked on a stone structure in Resident Evil 4top with four wings from which blood drips. As pointed out by the playersthis motto bears a striking resemblance to the motto used to represent the four houses ruled by Mother Miranda in village.

I noticed this icon in the RE4R trailer, it looks somewhat similar to the Four Houses icon in Village. From

Of course, it’s not exactly the same symbol, but the similarities are curious. In addition to referring to this symbol, people have also noted that Sadler from Resident Evil 4 He appears to appear in the trailer in his hooded gown and staff. This is the same look he took in the original game, so it’s not like he’s been dressed up to make him look more like Mother Miranda. The similarities are there at least, however, perhaps if Mother Miranda had an influence on Sadler in Resident Evil 4Maybe he copied her appearance?

If you are wondering how all these connections might be possible in light of this village happens after 4 In the Resident Evil timeline, remember that Miranda and her rotten friends have been around for a very long time, and both games are set in Europe, so it’s entirely possible that you’ve come across any number of easily influenced villains. The remake also adopts a “reimagined story,” according to Capcom, and is considering how to do so. Resident Evil 3 Enemy changed To connect the revamped game to Resident Evil 4There are reasons for the same thing to happen between them 4 And the village.

Resident Evil 4 It wasn’t released until March 2023, so expect to see more of these theories pop up every now and then.



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