Taika Waititi jokes he’s directing Jar Jar Binks

Thor: Love and Thunder It recently had its world premiere in Hollywood and catered to attendees a first look at Taika Waititi’s latest artwork. The movie will be the director’s second Thor movie, but from the looks of it it will be even more brutal than Motorcycle rental. Waititi is set to move from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to developing a new Star Wars movie for Lucasfilm, with the story moving on from the characters we all know and love. while appearing in Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe director was asked if he would sabotage Star Wars, and he joked that he would give fans the Jar Jar Binks movie.

“no IAM not like that.” Waititi said during his appearance today Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Imagine if you were like, ‘Yes. I’m going to give you the story of Jar Jar Binks that everyone has been asking about. “

The latest Star Wars project to debut is Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+. The series will be the first time Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen have reprized their iconic Star Wars roles since then. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Emeritus Jedi McGregor will face Christensen’s Darth Vader for what is technically the first time, and in a recent interview with Variety the star apparently thought the encounter was intimidating.

“Yes, I’ve never worked with Darth Vader before because he wasn’t around,” McGregor reveals. “At the end of Episode III we kind of see him spawn, I guess, but I didn’t work with him and I didn’t work with Storm Troopers. We worked with Clone Troopers, but they were basically not there. These flashbacks of being young… Seeing Darth Vader coming at you is so terrifying. I don’t care who you are! Even if you know it’s Hayden [Christensen] there. You know it’s still pretty scary to see that face come to you.”

Lucasfilm and the streaming service describe the series as follows: “In the era of the Galactic Empire, a former Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi embarks on a crucial mission. Kenobi must confront allies who have turned into enemies and face the wrath of the Empire.” The series stars Ewan McGregor, Joel Edgerton, Bonnie Pace, Kumail Nanjiani, Song Kang, Musa Ingram, Indira Varama, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Robert Friend, Simon Kessel and Benny Sadhvi. all episodes Obi-Wan Kenobi Streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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