Canceled Hawkgirl Costume for a potential DC movie or TV show that fans have discovered

DC’s live multiverse has continued to evolve over the years, with movies and TV shows on a wide variety of platforms providing fresh footage of iconic characters. However, there are a number of characters that were eventually left on the cutting room floor of some projects – and some newly emerged pieces of art shed light on a compelling one. Two pieces of art by Luca Nemolato have recently appeared online, providing a design for the Falcon Girl “Never Happened”. The design features a unique armored version of the outfit, as well as a high-altitude mask for when the character is in flight.

(Photo: Luca Nemolato/ArtStation)
(Photo: Luca Nemolato/ArtStation)

It’s unclear at this point what Nemolato’s art could be, especially considering Hawkgirl’s recent record in DC mods. SYFY’s krypton It was previously rumored that the series would include Hawkwoman, the original incarnation of Hawkgirl’s mantle. Then, the show’s second season finale triggered the awakening of Nyssa Vex (Wallis Day) on an unknown planet, which briefly showed a number of winged characters in flight, sparking excitement apparently that Season 3 was going to include Thanagarian lore. Showrunner Cameron Welch later confirmed that Season 3, which was ultimately not selected by SYFY, was to feature the Rann-Thanagar War. Therefore, there is a chance that the concept of Nemolato art for kryptonA virtual version of Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman, before the show was canceled.

There is also next black Adam The film, which was previously rumored to include Hawkgirl on its list for the Justice Society of America. Movie star and producer, Dwayne Johnson, took to Twitter in 2020 to reveal that Hawkgirl was originally planned for the movie, but was replaced by Maxine Hunkel/Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) in “Long Story.” And while this concept art for Hawkgirl doesn’t look similar to the art worn by Aldis Hodge’s Carter Hall/Hawkman in the movie, there’s also a possibility that this is an alternate version of the Hawk aesthetic.

“[Hawkgirl] It was on the original JSA team, “Johnson tweeted at the time.” Sadly, it’s a complicated story that I’ll share with fans in the future. But it opened the door to another great opportunity for another actress to step in and smash the role of Cyclone. I think everything is going well.”

What do you think of this canceled Hawkgirl concept art? Do you think it’s from krypton or black Adam? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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