Will a TV show be made about Shakira and Pique?

Shakira and Gerard Pique have rocked the world of show business since their recent separation after 12 years of relationship.

The situation has scuppered the respective public images of both the Colombian and the central defender of Barcelona, leading to the possibility of a television programme being created.

Mexican soap opera producer Juan Osorio has already spoken openly about this idea. Osorio has caused controversy in the past after making a bioseries of Vicente Fernandez, which was not authorised by the singer.

In a conversation with Eden Dorantes, the Mexican producer revealed that Shakira and Pique’s life could be interesting for the public. He was even clearer in stating that he would love to carry out this project.

“Imagine a series about Pique and Shakira, each on their own and then how they get together and have two babies, and their life, and then the separation – it’s strong, I would love to do it,” Osorio said.

He revealed that for a producer it is necessary to always think of new ideas and concepts, in an era in which more and more content is demanded by the audience.


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