Is Shakira angry at Jennifer Lopez? She didn’t react to Ben Affleck’s wedding

sHakira reportedly remains upset with Jennifer Lopez after Bronx Diva said performing with the Colombian in the first half of the Super Bowl 2020 was the world’s worst idea in her Netflix documentary Halftime, according to rumors in various media and on social networks.

This could have been clear after she didn’t congratulate “Rapiosa” singer J. Lo on her last wedding. Ben Affleck.

The Colombian singer, amid a complicated breakup with her ex-boyfriend Gerrard PiqueI didn’t “like” the post in which Lopez appears happily in bed on what is said to be the morning after the big day.

What did JLo say about Shakira?

despite Jennifer Lopez And the Shakira They put in such a great show that both of them starred, “The Bronx Diva” always thought it wasn’t a good idea to have two major stars on an NFL show.

“This is the worst idea in the world for two people to perform in the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world,” she says in one part of the documentary, but not because of sharing the stage with Shakirabut because they picked two big Latin stars for the show.

Although they both did well and hugged at the end of the show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in February 2020, JLo I wasn’t satisfied with having to take part in the usual first half show.

Bennifer’s wedding

According to TMZ, JLo and Affleck He tied the knot in the Nevada desert, in a ceremony held in complete privacy.

In 2002, the two got engaged, but two years later they broke up. In 2021 they met and engaged on April 9. And nearly 20 years later they both said “I do.”


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