Scrotox: The procedure Cristiano Ronaldo underwent on his genitals

a A few days ago, it turned out that Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo He underwent surgery to inject Botox into his genitals.

The latest cosmetic touches of the 37-year-old Portuguese star were accurately described by specialist Dr. Esteban Sarmentero, who explained the procedure to Radio Marca.

“The reason why Cristiano Ronaldo undergoes Botox injections may be for two reasons: to soften the scrotum and prevent it from shrinking so that the testicles appear larger,” Sarmentero explained.

The expert confirmed that the player underwent treatment, but said it was “a few small injections” and an “aesthetic touch”, and not an operation.

Only aesthetic and painless and should be done once every six months

Dr. Sarmiento responded to questions from host David Sanchez by saying that these injections “do no harm.” He told MARCA Radio listeners that Botox, which is frequently used on other parts of the body such as the face, was recently discovered to have a new application.

“It is a purely aesthetic use with no intention other than to improve the male reproductive organs,” he said.

However, according to Esteban Sarmentero, the effects of this form of Botox-based retouching only last about six months.

“There are two injections a year, every six months, you have to do the refining to be fine all year long,” Sarmentero stated.

He also used his appearance on Despierta San Francisco as an opportunity to make it clear that while close, it had nothing to do with a penis enlargement procedure.

“This is a surgery, you need local anesthesia, it’s not injectable, so you have to cut and sew,” Sarmentero told journalist David Sanchez.



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