Papers, please go to mobile on August 5

Lucas Pope, sole developer of Papers, Please, announced that the game will be released on iOS and Android mobile devices on August 5, 2022.

Make an advertisement on TwitterLucas Pope also took the time to answer fan questions about the latest release of Papers, please, and what this new version will bring.

The main thing to know is that the content will not change significantly. In general, it is the same game as it has always been, except for the user interface that has been adapted for smartphones and tablets, so it will only be playable in portrait mode. If you’re using a modern foldable phone, like the Galaxy Fold, Bob jokes that Papers, please have not been tested on foldable devices and he’s “sure that it’s going to break in a charming way.”


In terms of gameplay, not much has changed, except that cabin upgrades are now limited to rulebook tabs. The in-game economy remains mostly unchanged with the only change actually being paid to entrants processed after 6pm. Yay for a fair extra time!

Other than these minor tweaks, Papers, Please for mobile will essentially be the same game released in 2013 for PC, and later for iPad and PS Vita. It is also worth noting that if you already own the iPad version of Papers, please, you will automatically be able to access the new iPhone version at no additional cost.

Papers, please place players at a border control booth in the fictional East European nation of Arstotzka and assign them to treat visitors as they cross the border. It may not sound like a thriller by the minute, but with ever-increasing adjustments to immigration rules and some tough moral decisions that the story has caused, it’s a much deeper game than it seems at first glance. And what about the current geopolitical climate, it is unfortunately more important than ever.

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