No: Jordan Peele dreamed of attacking chimpanzees eight years before the movie

brake alert: Don’t read unless you see “no” in theaters right now.

A November 2014 social media post from Jordan Peele surfaced after the release of his third directorial film, No, due to the director revealing that he had a bad dream about a chimpanzee attack.

“I dreamed that a little monkey attacked some people and then ran towards me and hugged me all in fear,” Bell wrote on Twitter nearly eight years ago. “I woke up with tears streaming down my face.”

Chimpanzee attack plays a prominent role in No, although it’s a side story that only thematically connects to the main narrative about two brothers (Kiki Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya) on a mission to log a UFO over their horse farm. The loose connection of the chimpanzee attack to the UFO story has baffled some viewers and left many others offering theories about what it all means.

In the movie, Stephen Yeon’s character, Ricky, is a former comedy series star who appeared on “Gordy’s Home” as a child. Gordy is a chimpanzee living with a human family. While filming a birthday episode, a balloon accidentally explodes and sends Gordy, a real chimpanzee in the group, into a rage. Gordy is brutally murdered and some of the show’s actors are injured, but he shows remorse for young Ricky before shooting him in the head. The scene unfolds quite similarly to the dream Peele shared eight years before the movie opened in theaters.

“Nope” has garnered strong reviews since its July 22 opening from Universal Pictures. The film debuted at the box office with $44 million, less than the $70 million that Peele’s “Us” earned, but it’s still a solid start to an original R-rated horror film.

Read miscellaneous A full analysis of the chimpanzee “No” attack scene is here. “No” is now shown in theaters across the country.

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