Red Dead Redemption actor addresses new rumors

Red Dead Redemption Actor Rob Withoff, the man responsible for bringing John Marston to life, has addressed the rumors of a 2010 game remake. Besides Grand Theft Auto, the Red Dead series is one of the most successful franchises that Rockstar has. The beloved Western franchise takes the open-world gameplay that Rockstar has made famous and combines it with an incredibly deep and emotional storyline and character action. The franchise has been praised for its writing and storytelling as well as the amazing technical advancements with the 2018 sequel. With major gameplay and graphic jumps in… Red Dead Redemption 2Many have called for a remake of the first game with the same features. For a while, Rockstar was reported to have been briefly thinking/planning to remake Red Dead RedemptionAnd it’s something fans have been longing for.

Unfortunately, a recent report mentioned that the poor performance of the GTA trilogy and focus on it Grand Theft Auto 6 Means that Red Dead Redemption A remake isn’t going to happen any time soon. None of this has been confirmed by Rockstar in any capacity, although it does come from relatively reliable sources. During an interview with Youtube Dan Allen JimingActor John Marston, Rob Withoff, commented on the rumors of a Red Dead Redemption Remake, stating that he’d love for it to happen, but had no idea if it would.

“I would like that to happen,” Withoff said. “I don’t know. I would like to have a chance to work with her [Rockstar Games] Again, I don’t know if it’s about re-mastering something or something completely different. I can’t say enough good things about Rockstar. If they did, that would be great.”

Rockstar Games recently confirmed that they won’t be doing big updates anymore Red Dead Online So he can use these resources in Grand Theft Auto 6. As of now, it’s still unclear if Rockstar will do anything else with the Red Dead franchise, but it’s hard to imagine that it won’t achieve the massive success of the last game. It is still not clear if a remake of the first game is possible, but one can hope.

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