Karrion Cross addresses the WWE version at SmackDown’s fiery show

Karrion Kroos and Scarlett returned to WWE on SmackDown last week, with Scarlett knocking out first before being joined by Kroos, who attacked and attacked Drew McIntyre in front of Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. Fans were hoping to see Kroos address his comeback on tonight’s episode of SmackDown, and he did just that. Cross said it must have been good to be the elect and then referenced his release, saying that they were “kicked out of heaven” and “discarded like a broken toy to be forgotten”. Then he talks about how that doesn’t happen, and you can find his full promo in the video below.

Kroes and Scarlett appeared in a backstage promo, in which Kross said, “Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns. The Chosen Ones. It must be cute. We, we made it out of heaven. We were shrugged off like a broken game to forget. But we never forgot. The ideal for revenge. Everyone knows about the bloodline. Now we will show them the new timeline. Because no matter when we are told the time, in the end, everyone pays the fee. Mark tock.”

The camera came out and showed that Kroos and Scarlett were actually watching McIntyre heading into the ring, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. McIntyre was addressing Cross and Scarlett in the ring, saying that he jumped from behind and that while he’s going to get the winnings, he understands why this happened. Then he said his hands are full at the moment but after dealing with Roman, he will deal with Cross.

The Usos will later have a showdown with Scarlett, and they will exchange some threats before Scarlett withdraws. Kroos and Scarlett often watch what happens with McIntyre and Reigns, and will likely wait in the wings to face who emerges from Clash at the Castle as the hero.

Kross’ line about getting dumped like a broken game is clearly a nod to his mismanagement of his Raw debut and his reworked look, which saw the Force give a new mask and gear after suffering some surprising losses. It’s also clear that his cast who went out of heaven to be forgotten is a nod to his release, but now he’s back to show what must have been his first run of all time.

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