Alec Baldwin Says He Lost Multiple Acting Jobs After The “Rust” Shooting Accident

IIt’s been nearly 10 months since the tragic accidental shooting on the set of “Rust”, where Alec Baldwin accidentally fired a loaded rifle, killing cinematographer Helena Hutchinswho was 42 years old.

Alec Baldwin kept his version of him about not pulling the trigger while holding the gun.

And knowing, more details from this story emerged after Baldwin interviewed him CNN who talked about Fearing for his life after former President Donald Trump said he intentionally killed Hutchins Or losing a lot of acting jobs after the mishap on the set.

Alec Baldwin has lost five acting jobs since the shooting

As if the traumatic experience of being the one with the gun wasn’t enough, Alec Baldwin said CNN He was fired from five jobs after the accidentuntil he admitted that he was fired from the last time the day before.

“There I was just as ready to go to a movie, jump on a plane… I’ve been talking to these guys for months and they told me yesterday that we don’t want to shoot the movie with you because of this,” he expressed.

Despite the denigration of his reputation and the questioning of his innocence by some, Baldwin does not feel that he is the victim of the situation, because the real tragedy was the death of Hutchinsas he told Chris Cuomo in his podcast Chris Cuomo’s Project.

“I’m not the victim here. Things, for me, will get better. Things, for me, will be cleared up. I’m a thousand percent sure of that,” while also noting that unfortunately nothing will happen. Bring it back.

Alec Baldwin thanked his wife for her support

The last few months of Alec Baldwin Since the accidental shooting at the filming location It wasn’t great And it’s even He says they took years of his life.

Tell CNN that with so many people attacking him without knowing the facts, His family’s support was essential to continue his career, and Special thanks to his wife Hilaria.

“If I didn’t have my wife, I don’t know where I’d be now… If I didn’t have her I would probably quit, retire, or leave, you know I sold everything I owned, got a house in the middle of nowhere and you knew you found something else You do, sell real estate.”

Baldwin also said that if and when he returns to a movie or television set, It will never work with real guns anymoreTechnology has advanced enough for filmmakers to create realistic weapons and effects on screen.


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