Shakira and Pique could take split to court: Unlikely she’ll get her way

The latest on Gerard Pique and Shakira‘s split is that negotiations between the two are not going well and, with an agreement some way off, it could end up in court.

The high-profile couple would like to avoid that scenario, but as things stand it is looking increasingly likely as the only way to solve their current dispute.

As indicated by paparazzi Jordi Martin on ‘Socialite’, it is very likely that the two will end up facing each other in court.

“There is no regulatory agreement or any kind of agreement between Pique and Shakira,” said Martin.

In addition, he noted that he has contacted one of the law firms involved and they have assured him that “there is no agreement” for the time being.

Shakira would like the two children to go to Miami

On one side, Shakira would like to take her two children to Miami and won’t budge on that. Her plan is still to leave Barcelona and resettle the family in the USA.

This is still all according to Martin. He also explained that Pique is still very much against the children leaving Barcelona, since it is in the Catalan capital that they have spent most of their lives and where they have their friends, family and school.

Seemingly, the situation is more complex for Shakira and it would be her who stands to lose in court for these very reasons.

“Piqu is opposed [to the move] because his family roots, his friends and his activities are here and he is not going to go to Miami,” Martin said during the programme.

Shakira is really up against it because the children have already started the current school year.”

Martin claims that Shakira would have to wait at least a whole year before she could hope to take the children to Miami.

The story goes that Pique would have an offer to play for a team based in Miami.

Be that as it may, no agreement has been reached and, if things continue along these lines, he declares that “they will have to face each other in court”.


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