Law & Order and EP fans tease what to expect from this epic crossover event

NBC’s Law & Order lineup will kick off Thursday in style with a three-series crossover between Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime, and fans are eager to learn more details about what’s expected to happen. The event will take place later this month, but fortunately, Law & Order Show Director Rick Ed, SVU Executive Producer and Lead Writer Julie Martin, and SVU Show Director David Graziano have revealed many interesting details in new interviews with today And the EWTo start things off, Eid revealed how this event will be different from previous TV crossovers.

“Unlike most crossovers we see on network TV that are delivered — delivered to the next show, and then the next show delivered to the next — this show is much more integrated, with all the characters present every hour in an integrated and seamless fashion.”

Martin then provided some context on how the lacrosse will relate to the rest of the season. “To my understanding, the three-hour movie premiere schedule is somewhat different in its time and place, and it’s not necessarily related to our last episode of last season, nor our first episode of this season. So it’s kind of a standalone entity on its own, and our guys get involved because the issue itself is about girls who have been sex trafficked.

Graziano then revealed when this event occurred for the next episode of the season. “I think Rick (Eid, “Law & Order”) and Gwen (Sigan, “Chicago PD) did a good job weaving the three shows. It’s very hard to do and there are similar challenges, which are just basic morphological challenges, but they did a good job. Episode two will begin approximately six weeks after the events of the crossover,” Graziano said today.

Once this crossover appears in the books, the question becomes whether we’ll see another one later in the season, and when asked Eid, he laughed, “For the love of God, no.” Eid said afterwards “I think we’ll always try to do things a little out of the ordinary in order to elevate our profile and bring more eyeballs to our shows. So, having said that, as I speak, the answer seems to be yes.”

Law & Order & Law & Order: SVU, & Law & Order: Organized Crime will return on September 22nd.

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