Top 10 Karel Runes, ranked

Bloodborne is a big change from its predecessors in the Dark Souls series. It turns into fast-paced combat, focusing on stunning enemies for critical hits and faster dodges to keep the fight flowing.

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For many, this was a huge change in the way they played their characters, forcing them to learn a new play style. Like the Souls series, this game introduces Caryll Runes instead of rings to improve your character. Here are the 10 best talismans you need to find.


10 heir

The gun in Bloodborne is way different than the guns in other games. Many are used to waiting for the perfect moment to shoot the enemy and stun them for a critical strike or a deep blow.

While the rune heir is being equipped, any enemy who takes a deep blow will drop additional bloody echoes. Visceral attacks are an integral part of the game, as many enemies and bosses can be stunned by the gun. Since many enemies can be dealt with a deep blow, the extra blood echo quickly builds up.

9 Oedon WritheOedon type list item

The biggest obstacle to visceral hits is having enough lead. You are able to carry no more than twenty mercury bullets, and more can be captured between the lanterns by enemy droplets or item spawns.

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Odeon Writhe gives the player a quick silver bullet from a successful visceral attack. This allows players to continue trying more deep attacks without having to scavenge for bullets or go back to their Hunter’s Dream storage chest.

8 blood tranceBloodborne sequential gameplay

Bloodborne gives players a new way to replenish their health, in the form of items or quickly recover them after losing them by attacking enemies. Combat in Bloodborne is quickly outgrown, and turning back to heal isn’t always a viable option.

With this rune, your health is restored using visceral attacks. Players are already encouraged to be more aggressive in combat to replenish their health, and this rune also builds on that with a higher amount that is earned even after the health is completely gone.

Bloodborne’s quick combat leaves you with little time to breathe, and deathmatches are quick to follow if you run out of stamina. During processing, the counterclockwise rune increases maximum stamina by about 10%.

This rune increases based on a percentage of your current stamina, which means it will grow exponentially as you raise your stamina level. This is a great rune for any build, as all constructions need a high percentage just to survive.

6 Oedon shapelessBloodborne player wearing church armor

With so many enemies and bosses getting stunned by gunshots, having enough bullets to fight back is essential. Determining the correct timing of a shot can be difficult, and missing a shot leaves your enemy with only minimal damage.

With Formless Oedon, you can carry more than twenty standard bullets at a time. This gives you more attempts in a tough fight with a boss or a bigger show for the long journey through Yharnam.

5 LakeBloodborne by altering memory

Yharnam hunters wear light armor to fight off monsters with an emphasis on avoiding a hit you worry about taking damage. The single shield in the game does little to defend you, and most shields still absorb a small percentage of damage.

Lake Race increases your overall damage absorption as well as your armor bonus. Some shields deal heavy damage, but most bosses are still able to quickly wipe out a health bar. The additional absorption of this rune can significantly increase your survivability if you miss the time to dodge and fall into the claws of the beast.

4 eyeBloodborne player facing his first boss

With healing now being a tangible item, you can run out, and finding more is critical to individual areas and the game as a whole. Bullets are also necessary for distance pokes, interrupt and attack to stun the enemy, but this may also run out.

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While both are shot down by enemies, running the eye makes this happen more often. This rune increases the detection of all elements, but only these two elements can be of great help to you in a time of need. Other cool items are dropped from enemies, all of which are easier to obtain with this rune equipped.

3 Fisher manBloodborne player uses a bow to attack a monster

Increasing your maximum stamina is one way to prepare for long sets, but waiting for regeneration can leave you vulnerable to attacks. With this equipped rune, your stamina increases by about 10%.

This rune is perfect no matter how high your stamina. It can be all you need to get a quicker boost of stamina to get another attack or dodge out of a situation. If you have a much higher stamina, this will make your overall recovery time much faster.

2 a companyBloodborne player gets a Rune of Communion

Being limited in the healing process is a recurring problem in every Soulsborne game. In Bloodborne, you can carry twenty vials of blood from the start, which might seem like a lot until you realize how much damage enemies can do.

This rune increases the total carrying capacity of the blood flasks beyond twenty. While the increase is only between 1-5 depending on the level of this rune you’re using, even one more vial can keep you alive a little longer in a boss fight.

1 the moonBloodborne character around the ambush of the beast

The moon rune is by far the best and most needed rune you can find in this game. The increase in blood echoes you get for each enemy means an exponential bonus to the total echoes earned during the game.

Echo is used to level up, and getting more level up allows you to level up your character faster for a permanent bonus. Echo is also used to buy healing flasks and bullets, and upgrade your gear, all of which are essential to this game and all require a lot of Echo Blood.

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