Why Star Trek: The horrific transportation accident in The Motion Picture may be the most significant scene in the director’s release

Star Trek: Film Director’s Edition Much changed from the original movie. And for many, it has greatly improved on this original project, which was brought to theaters in an unfinished state (and we have that too low for a trip Movie Ranking List). Several improvements remove the “bad laughs” and update the visual effects. However, someone turned an already annoying transmission accident into a straightforward nightmare fuel by making a terrifying sound mod. Ironically, it may also be the most important scene in Director’s EditionThe reason for this may not be immediately obvious to viewers.

CinemaBlend had the pleasure of speaking with Producer David C.Fein about the latest 4K release of Star Trek: Film Director’s EditionAnd I, of course, needed some answers about the changes made to the transfer scene. Fenn noted that during his discussions with director Robert Wise, it was decided that the scene needed to be more powerful but that it also had another purpose. The producer explained that it was part of sending a message to the audience that the director’s cut was a different movie than the original:

We also wanted to tell people that this was a better movie and a different movie, a mature movie. And we realized that the G rating they gave, the time had changed from being a G just something that wasn’t harsh on the masses, to a G [means a] kids movie. And we knew that if you could send the movie back for re-rating, it would get and could get a PG. This would make people interested in the movie and [they’d be] Like, “What could have been done to this movie at the time to get a PG rating.”

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