4 bears break into Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania home, ransack fridge!

Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania – Picture this: you’re at work and you’ll get a notification from your Ring camera.

Then you watch directly on the front door camera as an intruder breaks in. But the intruders are not humans, they are bears. four of them.

A hungry mama bear and her three cubs have been caught on camera trying to open the front door of John Costanzo’s house with their paws.

When that didn’t work, they found another way.

“They climbed out the window, pushed through the screen and entered my house,” Costanzo said. “The three teddy bears followed Mother. They came into my kitchen, found my fridge and ate all the food in the fridge.”

Costanzo couldn’t see what happened after the bear intrusion until he returned home to Lake Pocono from his job in New York City.

Thanks to Ring’s camera, he was able to contact the security, who frightened the bandits.

“If I hadn’t had a Ring camera, I would have thought it was a burglar breaking into the house,” Costanzo said. “But fortunately, the Ring’s camera showed me exactly what happened.”

While setting traps, the bears returned the next day. They went straight to the window, but Costanzo closed it this time.

The game warden managed to catch the bears and their three cubs.

They have since been taken to the Bear Sanctuary with plenty of snacks.

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