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Over the past 60 years, there have been 25 official James Bond films starring fewer men like 007 than on the moonwalk. They are in chronological order: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. But who is the nation’s favourite in general?

Sean Connery started Bond on the big screen with 1962’s Dr No, starring in the cute 007 who “walked like a tiger” across five films before returning to Diamonds Are Forever and even the unofficial film Never Say Never Again. Being the original is the strongest argument for the best Bond.

George Lazenby has only played spy Fleming once in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, although in recent years some revisionists have considered his only stint as Bond to be 007’s best – an opinion shared by famed filmmaker Christopher Nolan. And let’s not forget how many references we got from All The Time In The World were referring to the 1969 movie No Time To Die.

Next up is Roger Moore, who had the smartest and smartest outings as Bond but holds a special place in the hearts of many 007 fans. The eyebrow-raising, mystery-wielding wizard also holds the record for most official movies as the Seven-Year Spy between 1973-1985.

Timothy Dalton Moore followed with only two films in the late 1980s with The Living Daylights and License To Kill. However, he is fondly remembered for having brought Bond back to Fleming’s books, leading to a gritty feature in 007 long before the Craig era.

After a record six-year gap between films, the franchise made a comeback after the fall of the Berlin Wall signaled the end of the Cold War and fans were wondering if Bond was still relevant. GoldenEye definitely showed Pierce Brosnan that 007 was, with a great balance of serious excitement and light cheese charm. Sadly, his era was abandoned by poor films like Die Another Day in his later years as a character.

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The original itself, Connery, was the decisive winner. Although some fans may be surprised by Lazenby’s victory over both Brosnan and Dalton. Here are the full results.

1. Sean Connery (36%)
2 – Roger Moore (18%)
3 – Daniel Craig (13%)
4 – George Lazenby (9%)
5. Pierce Brosnan (6%)
6- Timothy Dalton (5%)

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