Slime Rancher 2: All Secret Door Locations

The Slime and Slime Doors figurines were introduced in Slime Rancher as a unique way to access certain parts of the later game content. Monomi Park has continued to work with this mechanic in Slime Rancher 2 but with more fever.

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Unlike the original game, this is no longer a staple late in the game, and there are only a handful of them left. In Slime Rancher 2, Slime Doors are all over the place and the Slime statues accompanying them stand out even more prominently.


rainbow fields

The Rainbow Fields area has one door of Slime available to ranchers. Located behind Phosphor Gordo in the cave, the Slime Statue is a type of Tabby and only needs 1 Tabby Plort to unlock it. The treasure chest is obtained by opening this slime door.

Ember Valley

Increasing the number of doors for Slime to 2 is Ember Valley. Players will need 4 Slime Plorts to open both portals. The first type required is one Batty Plort, and the second type is Boom Plorts. You will have to argue 3 of them to unlock the second door, but don’t worry. Both Plorts can be found in this area relatively easily.

When turning into Ember Valley, players must pull a full 180 from the direction they face on the original wap board. Once you encounter the skinny sea, look down for a small ledge, and go down to it. Here you will find Batty Slime and Slime Door statue. Give the statue Crystal and Viola. This area has a treasure pouch inside.

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Down the right side of the road from the teleporter is a cave system hidden by some rocks. Jump into it and follow the paths until you find an area with a slime boomerang on a ledge near the Slime Door at ground level. Look around the ceiling of the cave system for the other Boom Slime figurines, and once they both have a Plort, the Slime Door will open to reveal more of the cave system leading to Rock Gordo.

Starlight Strand

Starlight Strand features the lion’s share of Slime Doors. Ranchers will need 6 different types of Plort to open all these doors, and a total of 13 plots. All required agricultural land can be found in this area. Players will need 1 Angler Plort, 1 Flutter Plort, 1 Honey Plort, 1 Pink Plort, 2 Phosphor Plorts, 2 Rock Plorts, and 5 Hunter Ports. Don’t worry about vacuum space. Most of the requested Plorts can be found near where their respective statues are.

Behind the main warp cushion, the Rancher first opens the Slime Door. On the other side of the wall is the Hunter Slime statue opposite which will open the slime door. It’s a shortcut between jetpacking eliminating areas on the wall.

Head south from the torsion pad to an area with a stream in the blue zone. Here on the side there is a small cave with a statue of honey slime above the mud gate. The statue is fed by its crystal and the beginning of the shortcut between the pink and blue area.

On the pink side of the area is a rock statue in another stream area. The Slime Door Here is the other half of the honeymoon path. Give one of the two rock Plorts here, and now there’s an underground shortcut to navigate around the Starlight Strand.

There are two phosphorous doors next to each other in a cave behind Honey Gordo. For each Phosphorous Slime Statue, donate one to two Phosphorous pieces, and another shortcut will be unlocked for the player. Be careful with this one though. It has holes in the ground, and an unsuspecting player can fall into the sea of ​​mud in the blink of an eye.

In the Honey Gordo area, another unseen Slime door can be found out in the open. Behind the waterfall is the Angler Slime statue next to the Slime Door. Feed the hungry stone fish with the fisherman’s catch to open the muddy door next to it. Here you will be able to walk up a slope to get the Treasure Pod.

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Above the Feral Rock Slime is a small rock ledge among some large tree roots. On the edge is a slime door accompanied by a pink slime figurine. Place the Pink Blurt in the statue and open the door to reveal an area under the mighty tree.

Under the Hunter Slime and Hunter Largo area is the Slime door. It’s another one that also requires 3 of the remaining 4 Hunter regions. Hunter slime figurines are hidden away on the nearby ledges. Camouflaged like their living counterparts. This Slime door also opens to a cave system that can be used as a shortcut but keeps treasure chests inside another Slime door.

Southwest of Hunter Slime Door is an area with a sandbar that leads to tidal pools. Here facing Hunter’s area is the second Rock Slime door. After the last crystal boulder is thrown, the door will open into the cave system accessed from the Hunter’s Door. This is a shortcut of sorts, but it will also lead a farmer to another Slime Door inside this cave.

Another Hunter Plort is needed in the cave between the Rock and Hunter Gates. Tucked away in the caves is a slime door surmounted by a hunter statue. Hand him the fifth and final Hunter Crystal, and let the door fall to reveal a surprise to the stubborn jam that makes him here.

The latter is the one that most players don’t know about. The Flutter Slime statue is located on the edge of the eastern sandbar. Only those with Jetpacks that have 150 energy should try this door but having 200 would be much safer. You must climb a series of coral pink stairs in the southern part of the sandy strip that leads towards the white cliffs. Here an experienced rancher can hover toward a small ledge over the entrance to find the hard-to-reach Slime door.

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