My Hero Academia proves Mirko is a monster in Fighting Season 6: Watch

My hero academys Season 6 is off to a strong start, and the latest episode of the series proves Rabbit Hero Mirko truly is a beast in a fight! While the main draw for the battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front was all sure fans would be seeing it in the new episodes, there was actually some other big excitement. The biggest was the promise to see more pro champions in action, and the latest episode finally brought Mirko to the heart of the fray.

My hero academia The Season 6 premiere saw the heroes attack the hospital where Dr. Garaki was testing Tomura Shigaraki’s corpse, and Mirko led the shipment as it effortlessly made its way through a group of Nomu to the basement lab below. As the most recent episode starts to rise to the occasion with the release of some solid new high-end shows that Garaki has been working on, Mirko has really held up and proven why she’s the #5 rated professional champ overall. Check it out below:

Episode 115 of My hero academy Picked up right where I left off is where Mirko manages to run a number of Garaki experiments. But she wasn’t prepared for just how many tricks the Doctor had up his sleeve since he could outrun her and activate the five High End Nomu he was working on after the only test he had in the fight against Endeavor at the end of Season 4. But with Mirko on her own, she really had to put more pressure on herself than expected in her first real on-screen fight.

This eventually shows many of her skills in action, but also sees the High End’s various quirks get over her and completely destroys her left arm. She is able to quickly save herself from taking more blows, but the fight is clearly not over yet as she remains one of the only heroes now in the throes of action in Dr. Garaki’s lab.


How did you like seeing Mirko in action with her first real fight in an anime? What do you think of the new season of My Hero Academia so far? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all the moving stuff and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!



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