The first look at the new Supes has been revealed

boys Season 4 is set to introduce two additional new groups to its already extensive roster of improved individuals. Amazon Prime Video has revealed first looks at Firecracker and Sister Sage, two new characters set to arrive in the fourth installment of the dark comic book streaming series. Orange is the new black Superstar Susan Hayward will bring Sister Sage to life tickValorie Curry matches the character of Firecracker. Each of these personalized costumes was designed by boys Fashion designer Laura Jean Shannon, veteran comic book maker to credits Iron ManAnd the black lightingAnd the titansAnd the Doom Patrol. She is particularly credited with designing Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy leads, which debuted in season three.

A first look at Sister Sage and Firecracker can be seen below:

(Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

Sister Sage and Firecracker are all-new creations for Prime Video. All that is known about these original characters is that writer Eric Kripke called them one of the craziest additions the series has ever created.

Even with these new additions, boys Season 4 is set to bring back a lot of fan-favorite elements from previous seasons. Among those figures is the notable Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher.

“I think on August 22, we’re going to start season four,” Urban said last summer. “So I’m going back, bringing my butcher back, and I can’t wait.” “It’s a fun gang to play with. We work hard and we play hard, and I can’t wait to see where they take the characters from where we leave them at the end of this season.”

Kripke also joked that Private Boy will likely return for next season.

“The old adage on TV is like, ‘Don’t kill anyone unless you really have to. Never close the door, open a window,'” Kripke said. “We’ll all have to wait and see, but I can’t imagine the series ending without another soldier showing up.”

Ackles said about the possibility of return. “But I told Crepe, ‘Look, man, put me down anytime. Tell me when to go running, I’ll be back running.'”

boys The fourth season is currently in production.


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