Charlie Cox credits save Daredevil’s campaign for Marvel’s comeback

In this point of the digital age, it is increasingly easy for fans across all media to connect and talk about their passion. This usually results in intense campaigns to “save” canceled shows, often ending with nothing but a disappointing solution in sight. But recently, a few of these campaigns have succeeded. In the case of Charlie Cox, the Save Daredevil movement is credited with keeping faith in seeing his character return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I want to say a lot [to fans],” Cox said in a recent interview with “Whatever happens in my career from this point onwards, I owe most of it to the ‘Save Daredevil’ campaign. And even when I gave up hope years ago, they didn’t, and they kept campaigning and supporting. And more over the years, I’ve met many of them, and they are an enthusiastic audience and emotional.”

The Save Daredevil campaign was formed immediately after the series was canceled in 2018, and immediately gained traction on social media due to its high profile branding and curated events.

The actor added, “Daredevil is an amazing character. It has been a great honor in my career to be shown this part and to be able to play it. I enjoyed it. It changed my life irrevocably.” “And when the show ended, despite the disappointment at the end of the trip, I felt like we did a good job, had a great time and can only be grateful for what we had.”

Now, Cox says he’s living the dream.

“Being invited to go back and start over is a bit like a dream,” Cox concluded. “It feels too good to be true. I’m so excited about the future.” “I can’t wait to get on set from day one of the new show. I’ve really started training. You know, I’ve already started making plans in terms of living, training, having conversations with writers and all of that stuff. So it’s starting to feel very real.”

Daredevil: Born Again The spring of 2024 is expected to fall. The first three seasons of reckless And the Defenders A limited series can now be watched on Disney+.

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