She-Hulk Lead Writer Shares Her Favorite Reaction to Disney+ Finale (Exclusive)

end of the season She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Dropped on Disney+ last week, and featured Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) taking her fourth wall breakout to a whole new level. Jen was frustrated with the development of the events of the finale, so she decided to leave her Disney + show and enter an episode of Marvel Studios: Collage So you can take on the writers and Kevin Feige, who is revealed to be an artificial intelligence named KEVIN. Strong womanThe lead writer, Jessica Gao, who I spoke to About the episode revealed her favorite fan reactions.

“I loved all the reactions of people who initially thought something was wrong with the Disney+ slate,” Gao said. “I loved watching people anticipate thinking, ‘Are we really going to see Kevin Feige on this show?'” “…Of course, the big reveal. Like, this was all so much fun. I love seeing everyone’s reaction to KEVIN.”

How did Jessica Zhao end up appearing Strong woman?

Zhao also spoke with‘s phase zero audio notationAnd the She talked about her presence in the episode.

“I didn’t want to be on the show,” Gao revealed. “It really gave me a taste of my own medicine, but I don’t enjoy being in front of the camera and also I’m a bad actor. And it was Kevin Feige who advised that She-Hulk go first into the writer’s room and argue, because I originally wanted her to go straight to the source. That’s what We want to see it, Kevin Feige. But he suggested you go into the writer’s room first. And so I said, “Okay, cool, then I’ll write these script characters, but we’ll have real actors playing them.” And we filmed this at the height of the coronavirus, and so it was very scary to be around people because vaccines had just come out and not everyone was even vaccinated. People were still trying to get their first vaccinations. “

Zhao continued, “So, health and safety were strictly monitored in groups. And when we were shooting this scene…so there was a lot of protocol for the background, anyone who was about to be on set, did a certain test a certain amount and length of time.” Before I was on set. And because I was on set every day, I auditioned every day, and the day before this scene was shot, they were like, “We need someone else in the background.” And there wasn’t enough time to find a new actor. in the background and then auditioning for them. But this guy was available and so I had to step in and I did it reluctantly. But the cool thing was that two other guys in that scene were the show’s writers, Zep Wells and Cody Ziegler.”

Strong woman It is now streaming on Disney+.



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