Todd McFarlane Variant Full Color Batman/Spawn Cover Revealed (Exclusive)

Todd MacFarlane Batman / Spaon crossover, Batman/Spawn #1, is set to arrive in December and will reunite McFarlane and Greg Capullo in a single shot that will see two dark heroes unwilling to confront each other by an evil enemy. It’s an event that fans have been waiting for for nearly two decades. But now, fans have something else to get excited about. Exclusive reveal of McFarlane’s full-color assorted hood for batman / spawn #1. Revealing the full-color version of the cover comes after McFarlane revealed the black and white version to us on Saturday with this new full-color version that offers rich new details for the cover. The colorist on the lot is FCO Plascencia who has an extensive history working on it Batman As well as the current color of the photos The king spawns series.

Next batman / spawn The number one spot on the SDCC was confirmed this year, and after it was announced, Todd MacFarlane made a major prediction of how well the book would succeed, declaring that it would be the best-selling comic of the century. “I’m going to score this book, and it will easily be the biggest selling book of the year,” MacFarlane told The Guardian. IGN. “I think we can have it, so it’s going to be the biggest owned book of the century in our industry, period. Cause I’m saying this is the last year King Spawn #1 came out, I expanded my streak, and without Batman and without Greg Capolo we sold half a million copies .Give me Greg Capolo, the outstanding Batman artist who is the best artist in Spawn because he did 80 problems with me, and you give me Batman, so why can’t I double that number?”

(Photo: Todd McFarlane/DC)

McFarlane also shared a file batman / spawn #1 assorted cover drawn by Jim Lee in Scott Williams inks and Alex Sinclair colors. You can check out this cover art for yourself here.

β€œIt was 100% challenging because the two characters share a lot of visual similarities and are both driven by a basic need for justice, so the task was β€” how do I compare and contrast on one cover between these characters?” IGN told IGN about drawing my two comic book heroes together. So, with Spawn, I went with a slimmer, athletic build where the head was a living extension of that power. With Batman, I chose an old-school boxer build that’s square, and thick. Curved up with muscles wrapped, this Batman reacts lightning fast to any threat, and his robe is More than an element of disguise – a way for Batman to blend into the deepest shadows.”

when batman / spawn He appears?

Batman / Spawn #1 It is scheduled to be released on December 13 by DC Comics. The company is also being relaunched Batman / Spawn: Demon of War In just a few weeks on November 15th. The new issue will be 48 pages long and available at most comic stores, online, and at Barnes & Noble.


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