LEGO Ideas Playable Table Tennis Set is now on sale

Table tennis/foosball is always a good time. With the latest set of LEGO Ideas, the ping-pong fun extends to the building process (if you assemble a full-size foosball table, you’ll know there’s nothing fun about it). Inspired by the design of Donut Ferrary, a 16-year-old LEGO fan, the entire set can be played, albeit on a small scale, meaning there are only five players on each side. However, you will get a full set of 22 player minifigures with 44 unique heads and 43 hairstyle items that you can use to customize your team. You can also turn those extra players into fans thanks to the included ramp.

This LEGO Ideas 21337 soccer ball set includes 2,339 pieces and accessories such as 2 foosballs, a cup and flags. It is in stock and shipping now Here in the LEGO Store for $249.99. LEGO VIP members You can get a free fleece blanket with this purchase until November 11th.

See the LEGO Ideas soccer set at

The set was designed by 16-year-old Hungarian LEGO enthusiast Donát Fehérvári as part of the We Love Sports Contest on LEGO Ideas, then turned into a real set by LEGO designer, Antica Bracanov, who said: ‘What makes a LEGO Ideas Table a set? Football is so amazing that it harnesses the spirit of the sport. Donut design champions are the common emotion fans get when watching football matches. At the LEGO Group, we are very proud to bring this set to life, allowing fans to exchange soccer boots with bricks, get inspired to engage in play, for love of play.”

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