Daniel Craig Hapier on Bond’s knife set, says Dave Bautista

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is a meeting between Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista, who first starred in James Bond’s “Specter.” Craig, of course, was front and center in the movie as 007, while Bautista had a supporting role as Mr. Hinx, Specter’s first killer. Now that Bautista has starred in two films from the Craig series, he can say with confidence that Craig is a much better time when he’s not James Bond.

“He’s already been put in the Bond,” Bautista said. Entertainment Weekly. “You could sense he was under a lot of pressure. He didn’t seem like the happiest person in Bond, but in ‘Glass Onion’ it was just the opposite. He was so much fun, he was always smiling, happy and interacting a lot.”

“In Specter, there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction with the cast,” Bautista continued. But “Glass Onion” was quite the opposite. We were always together. So I got to know him better as a person and actually saw him do what he wanted.”

Bautista called it a “really weird thing” who watched Craig go from being James Bond to Detective “Knives Out” Benoit Blanc, adding, “It’s amazing because I’ve always been in awe of people who can change themselves in this way. That’s why I wanted to be an actor, because I’m I wanted to be that guy. It sounds weird – because I look like a damn gorilla – I wanted to be a chameleon.”

In Specter, Craig and Bautista got involved in an unforgettable battle that ended with both actors being injured. During a visit to The Graham Norton Show last year while promoting his latest 007 movie, No Time to Die, Craig said that he broke Bautista’s nose while filming the fight.

“I punched him and hit him in the nose,” Craig said. “I heard this crack and I was like ‘Oh God no’ and I ran away. I thought he would come after me, but it was so cute.”

During another shot, Bautista picked up Craig and threw him against the wall, hitting Craig’s knee. As the Bond representative said, “I ended up on the wall, but my knee was here somewhere. I knew and it was horrible because if anyone gets seriously injured, you know in your head that something is really wrong.”

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will open in cinemas for one week only, starting November 23. The second part will arrive on December 23 on Netflix. In the meantime, Specter is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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