Tom Selleck On Blue Bloods Nearing 300 Episodes And How He Used To Think Magnum P.I. Would Be The “Lucky” Part Of His Career

up to 13 seasons in, Blue blood Ratings success continues. The CBS procedural hit 250 episodes last season, which means the series is getting closer and closer to 300 episodes. Star Tom Selleck is now opening up about his long career and how Blue blood Exceed his next expectations magnum b

Before Tom Selleck became Frank Reagan, he originally portrayed the titular private detective magnum b In the eighties. The series ran for eight seasons and about 200 episodes on CBS. Selleck opened up ET About his journey on both shows and how lucky he is to have found another great series to follow Magnumoriginal range of:

We did eight [seasons] on the magnum [P.I.]And I thought I’d never have that luck again, and now we’ve made 13 and we’re going strong. It’s hard to say you’re going 13 seasons, and we’re getting close to 300 episodes, but I always thought the show had huge potential because there was detective action, but it was a character-driven show. And I think my experience with Magnum was the same thing – being character driven, the story can keep evolving and changing as people get older, and all of those things add to your storytelling ability. We haven’t run out of ideas yet.

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