Pushkar and Gayatri series ‘Vadhandhi’ will debut at IFFI

It is this cross between film and television that ‘Vadhandhi – The Fable of Velonie’ is just the latest streaming series to find itself as a highlight at a major film festival.

The eight-part Tamil-language crime thriller will be uploaded on Amazon Prime Video from December 2. But the International Film Festival of India will first present a special edit of the show in a cinematic screening on November 27.

Titled meaning “rumors” in English, the series is set in a small town where nothing is as it seems. The focus is on Filoni, a beautiful debutante (portrayed by newcomer Sanjana) who is complex, enigmatic and whose backstory is murky. Vivek, a cop (portrayed by multi-hyphenate SJ Suryah), who is both troubled and determined, on her case tries to cut through the layers of the city, the suspect and himself. It is not clear whether he will be able to build a case, whether he will identify the real culprit or whether he will be able to overcome his obsessions or be able to do so without destroying his family.

Laila, Mohd Nasir, Vivek Prasanna, Kumaran and Samruthi Venkat have pivotal roles and head the rest of the ensemble cast.

The show is produced by writer-director Pushkar and Gayatri under their Wallwatcher Films banner and has been created by Andrew Lewis. Amazon will offer it in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada versions.

Lewis and Suriya have a long and close working relationship, with Suriya serving as Louis’ assistant director for seven years before taking on the lead role in Vadandhi.

“I played a cop earlier in my career, but my character Vivek is exceptional. “The way this issue and story consumes him, I find myself intrigued and at the same time concerned for him,” said Surya.

“Crime as a genre is something that brings out the art of storytelling in its most natural and natural form. We aim to fully capture audiences’ imaginations and question societal prejudices,” Pushkar and Gayatri said in a pre-screening statement.

The pair have a proven track record including creating the series ‘Suzhal – The Vortex’ and the recently released Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan series.
Vikram Veda movie.

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