Geoff Johns and Mikkel Janine Bring New Characters to JSA (Exclusive)

American Justice Society #1 out now with new monthly title pick up from The new golden age One shot and delve into the biggest threat and mystery the iconic superhero team has ever faced when a mysterious enemy invades the team’s entire history and kills every iteration of it. While the lone survivor of future iterations will have to find a way to stop them, the series also introduces new characters to the story as well, expanding the beloved team’s roster in new and interesting ways with new and original characters, including Ruby, the daughter of the Golden Age Red Lantern. Now, in an interview with ComicBook.comwriter Geoff Johns and artist Mikkel Janin talk about creating new characters for the JSA.

“I used to love reading Roy Thomas’ work on the team because he was introducing new characters that we hadn’t heard of before. Amazing Man. And those characters were great and then hung, and became part of the history and fabric of the teams. And I think there’s room to do that. I think there’s room to expand the era.” Golden Age and saying that there were more characters that we haven’t seen out there. And that was a way to unite them all and express how special they are. Because when you introduce a character like The Golden Age Red Lantern, or say, “Hey, there was a golden age of Mr. Miracle who founded the Justice Society Dark, what is that?” All of a sudden, there are these stories that you can tell, and they’re not just sitting in the ’40s, they influence the stories today so we can have characters like Robbie or Harlequin, something that there could be stories about that happened in the ’40s were Its roots are there but it affects today and affects the future as we did here.” “And that, to me, is one of the reasons why Robbie is such a present character and she’s so cool. I love Mikel’s design of her. It’s a great design. And she has a very hard-core personality. Her dad obviously idolizes her dad and we really learned from him in so many ways. However, the idea is that if we We’ve introduced all of these characters in the past, it doesn’t just say, ‘Look, all these characters are in the past.’ This affects the present. This affects the future. Now there’s Robby the character who wouldn’t have existed without the Golden Age of the Red Lanterns.”

Janine talked about Ruby’s design, and how it kind of resembles the look of a video game character.

“She was one of the characters that we didn’t have another design for. So, I had more freedom to play with her,” said Janine. And we had inspiration for the design that Brad Peterson made for her, The Golden Age Red Lantern. So, we used that as a base, a color palette and all that. But we play with it. So, I wanted to give her a somewhat futuristic and modern touch like a video game character. So, I put a lot of detail into the outfit, and I think it worked.”

Johns has also made it clear that he hopes the new characters introduced in Justice Society of America #1 will end up in other stories as well.

“That’s the hope that we … or take characters like John Ostrander introduced Mr. Terrific. Grant Morrison introduced you to Jakim Thunder who was called JJ Thunder at the time and we took him to the JSA and we ran with them,” he said. “And you want that with some of these characters. Someone might come along and take one of these characters and turn it into something bigger. And that’s always the hope when you’re working in a shared universe is you’re always adding to it and you’re pulling it in and pulling out of each era and trying to make it keep growing and living and breathing.” And it’s exciting. I think new characters are always exciting to me because their stories haven’t been told. Until now.”

American Justice Society #1 is now on sale.


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