Venmo’s boyfriend requests a sick friend for cold medicine

In @jackieli852’s video, she takes’s point of view and plays with it, showing how her boyfriend at the time, Venmo, asked her for $7 for a cold therapy. She said:

“One time I was feeling really sick and I asked my boyfriend at the time if he could buy me some cold medicine on the way home. So after he got done with work, he went to CVS and grabbed some DayQuil for me. Really kind of really appreciated that. He did.” We come home, he gives me the medicine, and I’m like, “Thank you so much.” I take it, go to sleep.

The next day I woke up and he charged me $7 for this medicine. Venmo charged me $7 for a cold remedy. Likes? Well, grab your bag but like, I don’t—I—we—at that point we’d been dating for four years…”


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