Epcot’s Space 220 Restaurant: Why You (Probably) Don’t Need Reservations

While most of the focus at Walt Disney World is on the attractions, once you get there, you have to eat, and if you’re going to eat, you might as well eat well. Epcot is the best park for fine dining in Disney World, and it recently added a new dining offering with Space 220. Because it’s the parks newest dining facility, Space 220 is one of the most popular, which means reservations can be tricky to come by. But the truth is, you may not need, or even want, to make reservations in the first place.

While waiting in line waiting for a table at a restaurant can be difficult at Disney World, I gave it a shot during my recent trip. I had to try Space 220so because I wanted to be able to talk about it in an educated way, and I had to get lunch somewhere, I decided to wait in line for how long it took, and the experience was amazing.

(Image credit: Walt Disney World)

Getting ready for the lobby wasn’t bad at all

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