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Hearthstone fans are counting down to the release of Blizzard’s next major DLC expansion. Hearthstone’s March of the Lich King DLC ​​has a December 6 release date and 6pm GMT UK launch time. The MotLK expansion launches alongside an all-new Death Knight character class, not to mention a whopping 145 new cards and even some brand-new Minion types, including Undead and Dual-Type.

A permanent addition to the Hearthstone universe, the Death Knight is said to command the undead with the power of the Ghoul Charge hero.

Described as a flexible class, Death Knight is powered by the Blood, Frost, and Unholy runes, which determine which cards he can play.

Blizzard explains further: “For 2 mana, summon 1/1 Ghoul with the Charge dying at the end of your turn!

“This ogre does double duty, because the Death Knights gain a corpse whenever a friendly minion dies. They can then spend those corpses to power up their cards!”

As for the new Minions, the undead are said to appear in neutral and in classes that lined up with the Lich King. On the other hand, double type dependents add a second to the old and new dependents.

“In the Lich King’s March, some minions will have two types of minions!” Demonstrates Blizzard.

For undead minions, this may be the second type to represent what they were like before they became undead. These will be retroactive additions, with both the undead and second minions types adding several older minions in addition to those in this expansion. “

If you want to catch the March of the Lich King, you can pick up two different Hearthstone packs.

The Standard Pack costs £44.99 and comes with 60 packs, 2 random March of the Lich King legend cards, and a Lor’themar card back.

Priced at £69.99, the 80 Pack Mega Bundle includes 5 Signature Golden Packs and 2 random March of the Lich King Signature Legendary cards.

You can also get a Lor’themar Hunter hero skin and card back; Three ready-to-play Death Knight decks containing 49 Death Knight cards.

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