So-called Google Pixel Fold benchmarks have been leaked — and they’re not good

The Google Pixel Fold’s purported newfound benchmarks show that, like the Pixel 7, it likely won’t be a top performer.

Geekbench 5 list (shared by TheGalox (Opens in a new tab)) for an unknown device “Google Felix” showing results for a phone that uses a Tensor G2 chip, 12GB of RAM, and Android 13, just like the Pixel 7 Pro. It scores slightly worse than the Pixel 7 Pro in the single-core portion of the test, although it does a little better in the multi-core test.

Google Pixel Fold benchmarks have been leaked

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Row 0 – cell 0 Google Pixel Fold (alleged) Google Pixel 7 Pro Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
Slices G2 tensor G2 tensor Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1
Single-core Geekbench 5 scores 1,047 1,060 1,328
Geekbench 5 multi-core score 3,257 3,046 3831


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