Selena Gomez makes a surprise appearance during Steve Martin’s Martin Short monologue

Steve Martin and Martin Short moved to Stage 8H at 30 Rock to host Saturday Night Live And they weren’t alone. Like many suspects, he brought the pair with them Only murders in the building Actress Selena Gomez made a surprise appearance. The duo concluded their opening speech for the episode by reading eulogies to each other, and Martin concluded his tribute to Short by saying “Now that Marty’s gone, who am I ever going to work with?” Gomez then appeared next to him, adding, “And what about me?!” Gomez previously hosted SNL At the end of the 47th season, which featured none other than the appearance of Steve Martin. It is fitting that I return the favor to her.

third season of Only murders in the building It’s been pre-ordered, adding Paul Rudd to the cast as well. Despite the series’ overwhelming success, Martin, who also co-created the show, has previously said he believes it will be his last role.

“We were so happy just to do the live show,” Martin shared. Hollywood Reporter for his live show with costar Martin Short. “There may be a natural end to it—someone gets sick, someone wears out—but I wouldn’t do it without Marty. When this TV show ends, I’m not going to look for others. I’m not going to look for other movies. I don’t want to do a cameo. That, Strange, it is.”

Martin has appeared several times on Saturday Night Live in recent years having appeared in the 2022 mid-season finale when he was ready to welcome Paul Rudd to the “Five Timers Club”, and appeared again two months later for the John Mulaney-hosted episode where they would welcome him to the set as well, and appeared alongside Candice Bergen, Tina Fey, Elliott Gould, Conan O’Brien, and Rudd in another Five Timers Club sketch. Tonight’s episode marked Short’s first appearance on stage again since he appeared back in 2013, having previously hosted it ten years earlier.



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