Gran Turismo 7 Boss PC port reviews

President Gran Turismo 7 Developer Polyphony Digital has focused on the possibility of a PC port of the popular racing chip. PlayStation has been defined by first-party games for decades now, but it has started to embrace other platforms (particularly PC) over the past few years. Given the game’s high development costs, among other things, it made more sense for platform owners to expand their franchises to other platforms. PlayStation has done this in a fairly sensible way because they typically wait several years and then release a PC port, gaining a new audience while console sales slow. This also often comes before another franchise-related product (be it a sequel or an adaptation) is released, so it also serves as a marketing tool that may lead to players choosing a PlayStation console.

However, it seems so Gran Turismo 7 You may not make the transition to PC anytime soon. Although there is a very large market for sims, especially sims games, on PC, there doesn’t seem to be any plans to bring the series to PC at the moment. when He talks with Dengeki OnlinePolyphony Digital President Kazunori Yamauchi was asked if the series was being considered for PC. Yamauchi recently stated that he was considering bringing the series to PC, so it appears the interviewer has been following along, but his initial comments seem to have been misinterpreted. Twitter user Genki_JPN Translating his response to Dengeki Online (trans VGC), which you can find below.

He said, “This is not true.” Regarding the PC version, I replied [as a developer] “It’s not that I haven’t considered all the possibilities.” This means that the probability is not zero, simply if you ask me “Do you do anything concrete?” I do nothing. There is nothing to talk about.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s completely off the table. Gran Turismo may come to PC one day, but it looks like if it does, it’s likely to be years away at the moment. The fact that it is not being considered, let alone developed, means that it is something that will likely take a long time before it sees the light of day.

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