What happened to the famous Baywatch actress Yasmine Blythe: drugs, legal problems?

meIn the 1990s, there were many shows that appeared on television, and even today, they are still a reference for small screen fans. One of them is “Baywatch,” which chronicled the experience of a group of lifeguards on a beach in Malibu.

Serial brilliance David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson And the Jasmine Blythwhich has had an odd backstory since leaving production.

despite blythe She actually had a few jobs during the ’80s, and her career took a 180-degree turn in 1993. That year she was cast in an episode of Baywatch. Her performance as Caroline Holden was beloved and she became one of the stars, apart from her co-star Pamela Anderson.

From success to drugs and ostracism

The actress ended up being a staple of the series, until her involvement ended in 1997. Meanwhile, drug rumors were already swirling around Jasmine Blyth. In fact, Gina Lee Nolinpartner at Baywatch, appeared in 2017 in Cosmopolitan about harassment blythe suffer.

“I remember she was on the payphone where we filmed and she scratched her nose and The Enquirer had three pictures of her,” Nolin I remembered. “On the cover, I wrote ‘Yasmine Blythe and drugs’ or something. And at the time I met her, none of that was going on.”

However, as the seasons went by, the New York actress derailed and took drugs.

In an interview with Sahar, blythe She herself admitted that she never expected to reach this situation and admitted that it affected her personal and work life: “My friends said that I looked like an alien, that my eyes were popping out of their sockets.”

Problems with the law

A fainting spell during a photo shoot led to her hospitalization at the end of 2000, and she is best remembered for her work on the Baywatch movie that followed. In 2003 she disappeared from the scene, and even earlier, in 2001, she started having problems with the law.

She was arrested for driving under the influence of cocaine and, in fact, got off the road. She was sentenced in 2002 to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service.

Since then she has been trying to stay away from drugs. She is married to Paul Cerrito, whom she married in 2002 after meeting in rehab. They helped each other together and now, in 2021, Blythe has decided to give herself a second chance at acting and has appeared in two films.


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