Publicly bisexual Megan Fox is looking for a new girlfriend, her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly reacts

tO those who were not aware, Megan Fox She is an openly bisexual woman despite being engaged to the rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The couple has been together for years and has never hidden their out-of-the-box lifestyle. In a post published on Friday, Megan They are all shown inside a car as the camera pans to the empty seat. She wrote the following SMS: “I am currently looking for a girlfriend. Please submit requests in direct messages.”

Machine Gun Kelly jokes about proposing to Megan Fox

As the most desired woman in the world by both men and women, the reactions of the famous ladies were immediate. From porn stars to social media influencers, to other film and TV actresses. There were countless women who volunteered as a tribute to apply for a vacant position inside Megan Fox heart. But the fiancé Machine Gun Kelly He doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the idea. Here’s what he wrote in the comments section: “I don’t think you have the power to make this request.”

We have to say that the whole situation seemed pretty ambiguous at first because his girlfriend could be mean too Megan Fox Just looking for a BFF. However, she already has a lot of those like Courtney Kardashian Or other famous women. If Meghan is really looking for a girlfriend, how will this dynamic work out if she’s already engaged Machine Gun Kelly? We have a lot of questions that need answers from one of the most famous couples in entertainment.

Will be Machine gun kelly be open to let megan fox Do you have another relationship despite being engaged? Or will he propose what children these days call a beating? In case you don’t know what this is, we are talking about a romantic and sexual relationship between three people regardless of their gender. Machine Gun Kelly He has always been a wild boy and Megan Fox He tends to follow all his adventures. Could this be the next step in their relationship? And if so, which celebrity would be perfect to form this ensemble with these two?


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