The way Rick and Morty is fun has directly influenced the Star Wars universe

If someone says Rick and Morty affected b star Warsfew people will be surprised. star Wars It is, after all, one of the most prolific and successful sci-fi franchises, and even shows that aren’t in the genre have been known to reference or borrow material from them. What might be more surprising is that star Wars affected b Rick and Mortyand this seems to be a completely realistic statement, according to Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to Disney + subscription To search previous episodes for a character who appears to be Rick Sanchez in the background to determine its influence. Andor It was a little more accurate than that. Talk to Tony Gilroy diverse About the story of the first season and how Rick and MortyThe Season 4 episode “One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty” inspired the writers to think outside the box when staging the show’s heist sequence:

I mean, I put “jail” on the table, and everyone’s like, well, there’s a high bar. How many amazing prison movies have ever been made? If we were going to do the heist, it would be like, Oh my God, after listening to Dan Harmon detail the heist on Rick and Morty, you’re like, well, what are we going to do?! So the whole point is to try to turn everything upside down. You really dig for authenticity all the way through, and then hopefully you’re not going to be too original at the expense of your story, but that’s the first impulse is how do you turn this inside out so people don’t. I’ve seen it before.

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