Brazil’s President Lula vows accountability and rebuilding

BRaziel Luiz Encio Lola Da Silva was sworn in as president on Sunday, and in his first speech he expressed optimism about rebuilding plans while outgoing members pledged Jair BolsonaroManagement will be held accountable.

Lula takes office for the third time after thwarting the far-right incumbent Bolsonaro’s re-election bid. His return to power marks the culmination of a political comeback that excites supporters and furiously angers opponents. polarized nation.

Our message to Brazil is one of hope and reconstructionLula said in a speech in the House of Representatives of Congress after signing the document formally naming him as president. “The great edifice of rights, sovereignty and development that this nation has built has been systematically destroyed in recent years. To rebuild this edifice, we will direct all our efforts.”

On a Sunday afternoon in Brasilia’s main square, the party was on. Tens of thousands of supporters Wearing the red of Lula’s Workers’ Party, he cheered after being sworn in.

When the president said he would send a report on the previous administration to all lawmakers and the judiciary, they celebrated an annulment Bolsonaro’s “criminal decrees”. This led to a loosening of gun control, holding the previous administration accountable for its denials in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We bear no spirit of vengeance against those who sought to subjugate the nation to their personal and ideological designs, but we will ensure the rule of law,” Lula said, without mentioning Bolsonaro by name. “Those who have sinned will answer for their own mistakeswith broad rights to defend them within due process.”

Lola arrives at the Palace of Planalto with a group representing diverse segments of society.La Presse

Political analysts say Lula’s presidency is unlikely to be the same as his two previous terms, coming after Brazil’s narrowest presidential race in more than three decades and resistance from some of his opponents to taking office.

Lula Jair defeated Bolsonaro by less than two percentage points

Leftist Bolsonaro defeated V October 30 vote by less than 2 percentage points. For months, Bolsonaro sowed doubts about the reliability of electronic voting in Brazil and his loyal supporters were loath to accept a loss.

Many have gathered outside the military barracks since then, questioning the results and pleading with the armed forces to prevent Lula from taking office.

Most of his hardline supporters have resorted to what some authorities and new members of Lula’s administration have called actions “terrorism” – Which raised security concerns about the inauguration day activities.

Lula will have to grapple with more challenging economic conditions than he enjoyed in his first two terms, when the global commodities boom proved to be a windfall for Brazil.

At the time, his administration’s flagship welfare program helped move tens of millions of poor people into the middle class. Leaving the position with a personal approval rating of 83%.

In the intervening years, Brazil’s economy plunged into two deep recessions—first, during the tenure of his handpicked successor, and then during a pandemic—and ordinary Brazilians suffered greatly.

Lula said his priorities are Fighting poverty and investing in education and health. He also said he would stop illegal deforestation of the Amazon. He sought the support of political moderates to form a broad front and defeat Bolsonaro, and then tapped some of them to work in his government.

In his first act as president on Sunday, Lula signed a decree to tighten gun control and set a 30-day deadline for the office of the comptroller general. Evaluate the various decrees of Bolsonaro That put official information under seal for 100 years. He also signed an ordinance guaranteeing a monthly stipend to poor families, and re-established the mostly Norwegian-funded Amazon Fund for sustainable development in the rainforest.


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