A light YouTube tweak makes it easier on the eyes when cleaning videos

A change is being made to the YouTube app, which brings a slight visual improvement to the cleaning bar.

YouTube has been slowly revamping its user interface, bringing improvements to the web version and mobile apps on many platforms. While some of the changes are minor, they could mean a lot to someone who uses the app religiously. Now, it looks like a slight update is finally rolling out to more devices, with the cleaning bar going from a bright red color to a softer white.

The change was first reported by 9to5Google A few weeks ago, when I mentioned that the peel bar in the YouTube app changed from the traditional red color to a more subtle white/gray color when navigating through the video timeline. It was noted at the time that this behavior only appeared when the device was set to dark mode. At the time, the change was only seen on one of his devices.

Fast forward a few weeks, and now it looks like the update is rolling out to other devices, which could single out a wider release. On devices though, the behavior appears to remain the same, with the progress bar changing to white when watching a video, ditching the more vibrant red color that’s been around for some time. For those who live on YouTube, this change will be a welcome one, providing a less distracting user interface that’s easier on the eyes when watching hours of videos.

For now, this change is only in the player when watching a video. Other areas of the app still use red when a video is in progress such as when autoplay is enabled on the home page. The timeline will also appear red if you click on the cleanup tool, changing from white to red, to give you a better indication of where you’re progressing and from. Although it is a small change, you can be sure that YouTube will do more in 2023 in order to improve its experience even more.

Source: 9to5Google

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