Yellowstone brings back fan-favorite Jimmy in the mid-season finale

Yellowstone Stunned by its mid-season finale with the reappearance of a fan-favorite character, watchers have been waiting eight episodes for the return of Jimmy Hurdstram. The former meth boss turned Dutton loyalist turned ladies’ man left at the end of Season 4 Yellowstone, and joined the real-life 6666 Ranch after John Dutton lost faith in his ability as a cowboy. The show felt Jimmy’s absence throughout the season, providing comic relief and a different view of the Yellowstone lifestyle that felt unique to the series. Now that he’s back, we get a glimpse of what’s to come in the Sixes spin-off series, 6666.

Last time we saw Jimmy, he was getting his own Rocky-style montage about being an actual cowboy. And while the Duttons and Rip couldn’t get what they needed from him, Jimmy seemed to be thriving at Texas Ranch before his accidental release. He’s still up for an early breakfast with his host family, and he and his new fiancée, Emily, are still in the happy phase of their growing relationship.

Jimmy thrives as a rodeo man during his time in Yellowstone, but after suffering a debilitating injury while practicing bull riding, he is banned from rodeo again. Given that John Dutton saved his life, gave him a home, and helped him finish off his enemies, Jimmy is a little willing to listen to what he has to say. Unfortunately, his injuries end up affecting his duties on the ranch, so he is sent to 6666 Ranch to sharpen his skills.

As we saw in last season’s episode, which seemed to be a backdoor pilot for the next episode 6666 A spinoff series coming to Paramount+, Jamie has thrived in the role. And now that we’ve made it to him after all this time, as he himself says, he’s happy. He and Emily live together and still enjoy each other’s company, and Jimmy seems like a real cowboy.

We’ll see if this continues; Jimmy seems to be the usual hook Yellowstone of viewers to set the events of the 1960s. And no show can thrive without its fair share of drama. Maybe Jimmy will once again forget how to chase a cowboy, or will he be haunted by a ghost from his past? Either way, Yellowstone fans will probably be very excited to see Jimmy on their TV sets more often in the future.

Yellowstone It airs Sunday nights on the Paramount Network. It was just announced that the series will return from its mid-season hiatus in summer 2023.


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